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COVID-19 Protocols

In October, Bishop Parkes reiterated that the parishes will continue to follow the Mass Protocols established in early May.  We at St. Raphael have had these in effect and will continue to follow the Bishop’s directives to continue as is.

Beginning October 12, we will allow many of our routine groups to begin regular weekly or monthly activity, however, they will be subject to follow the guidelines for meeting room use that have been established.  Most critical is that we have established a maximum number of people and are requesting that proper sanitation steps be followed after every meeting.  Please read the Covid-19 Guidelines before filling out a facility request form.  Thank You!   COVID-19 Guidelines

Use this form for events taking place between July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022

2021-2022 Facility Request Form

Please email requests to info@st-raphaels.com


St. Raphael Meeting Room Courtesies

Whether you use this room weekly or this is a onetime event, we hope you find this facility comfortable for your gathering. 

ROOM USE • This room is available for use by parish organizations.  Any use of this room must be requested through the Parish Office which is open Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm.  If you find something damaged or not working please notify the office at 727-821-7989 or email straphaels@st-raphaels.com 

ROOM ARRANGMENT • Each room is commonly arranged with round tables and chairs except for Room A and the Parish Center, where eight-foot long tables are available.  In the event you need a custom set up please notify the Maintenance staff through email or written diagram within 24 hours of your event.  If you move, add or break down tables or chairs please return the room to the way you found it. 

HVAC • The Air Conditioning and Heating is managed electronically outside this room.  The slide adjustment on the wall allows for a minimal change in temperature.  Please remember to return the slide bar to the center when you are finished.  To allow the system to run efficiently the door should remain closed. 

TECHNOLOGY • TV and VCR are here for your convenience. Please do not disconnect or remove the connections or equipment and leave the remotes available.  Computers are not supplied but you are welcome to use the HDMI connections for the TV or projector.  If you need WiFi, the St. Raphael Guest Key

REFRESHMENTS • Simple or light refreshments, usually supplied in coolers or food containers, are permitted to be offered in the rooms.  Aside from the Parish Center, meeting rooms are not licensed for food preparation.  All left over refreshments are to be removed when your event ends.  Refrigerators are cleaned out weekly.  Alcohol is ONLY permitted with prior written permission obtained through the parish office. 

CHILDREN • For their safety children should be supervised by their parent/guardian and not be left to roam the buildings or property before, during, or after scheduled events.  Children 8 and under should be accompanied to the restrooms, water fountains, or other parts of the complex. 

DECORATING • Occasionally decorations as posters, flyers, streamers, balloons, or artwork are used for atmosphere.  To protect the paint or surfaces, only blue painters tape should be used to attach displays to the walls or furniture.  Be sure to remove all decorations when your event is finished. 

TRASH & RESTROOMS • Reasonable amounts of trash are an expectation and may be left in the room.  In the event the trash is overflowing or there are perishable items that can create a foul odor, please be considerate and remove this trash to the waste receptacle in parking lot.  Restrooms are in the Church entry area or Parish Center entrance.  Please help keep them tidy for the next person’s use.  If there is a problem, please let the office know via email or call. 


For more information about scheduling your ministry's events or meetings please contact our Parish Office at (727) 821-7989 or info@st-raphaels.com

COVID-19 Guidelines

Facility Request Form 2021-2022

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