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Welcome! We believe that all life is filled with learning. Our faith is a very important part of this learning experience.




St. Raphael’s foundational Faith Formation Program has two options for families raising their children in the Catholic faith (aside from Catholic elementary school). Students in Gr., K through 8 can attend class on Sunday mornings (10:45-noon) and be part of a group learning experience.  The second option gives parents the tools to teach the curriculum to their children at home. This Teach At Home program will resource parents to teach structured lessons at home. This option works well for families who are not able to be in class on Sunday’s and who’s parents enjoy more hands-on instruction.

Parents in either Faith Formation option are required to attend parent meetings and students in both programs must complete and turn in assignments. 


Faith Formation Forms



Children's Liturgy of the Word

At 9:30 Mass for children age 4 to 9

This liturgy option for children usually meets the First and Third Sunday of the Month. Children are gathered by the priest at Mass and sent forth together to hear the scriptures at their level. They return to their families at the time of the Preparation of the Gifts.

Volunteers for Children’s Liturgy of the Word are always welcome. There are formal resources that we supply session leaders with to enable them to

The goals of St. Raphael Religious Education are:

1.To build upon the religious faith nurtured by families and celebrated in baptism
2.To provide religious formation which is consistent with the basic traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as reflected in the direction set by the Second Vatican Council and its applications to contemporary living.
3.To provide the opportunity to experience the rich sacramental life of the Church, which can nourish and sustain life.
4.To create a sense of community identity which can be an ever deepening experience of Church for children and their families.
5.To involve people in the mission of the Church on all levels of development.

6.To assist the growth of parents in their roles as "religious educators," and to enjoy this interaction with their children.







For information about our Sunday Faith Formation program for children (grades K to 8) contact Lynn Edmonds 727-821-7989 or


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