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Welcome to the St. Raphael Scripture Study Community! 

Where disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ open and empty themselves to the Holy Spirit who guides us and instructs us in moving the faith from the head to the heart. 

All are welcome at any point, any week, any moment…the present moment! On behalf of Fr Kevin, Tom Andry, Mike Fay, Barbara Alderfer, myself and all our Core team- we welcome you. You will receive future emails about details of your groups and leaders but for now I wanted to communicate the things we will be studying this year. See info about each one below. 

All New studies! 


Two convenient times & studies:

  • LECTIO-EVANGELIZATION Wednesdays from 9:15-10:45 am (Parish Hall)
  • PRIEST PROPHET KING  Wednesdays 7:30-9:00pm (St Joseph room B)

For more information contact:


Morning Bible Study


Wednesdays (9:15-10:45am in the Parish Hall)

Who better to look to for guidance on evangelization than the Apostles and disciples of the early Church? And what better place to read their stories than in the firsthand account of the Acts of the Apostles? In the ten-part series Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines insightful biblical study with Church teaching and practical advice to show how modern Catholics can effectively impact their world for Jesus Christ. She explores topics such as the call of Jesus to evangelize, the power of the Sacraments, the role of charisms for building up the Body of Christ, techniques from St. Paul for reaching a secular culture, and more. Using the Lectio Divina approach of reading, reflecting, responding, and contemplating, the accompanying workbook presents classic artistry, penetrating questions, and personal reflection to take the teachings to a deeper level.

ALL ARE WELCOME. Contact or for more info


1-Thanksgiving-Thursday Nov 22, 2018

2- Christmas- Tuesday Dec 25, 2018

3-Ash Wednesday – March 6, 2019

4-Easter –April 21, 2019



Evening Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, January 9th, from 7:30-9 p.m. in Meeting Room B.

The better we understand Jesus, the better we understand ourselves. But who was Jesus, this itinerant preacher whom many called the Messiah?

In Priest, Prophet, King, you’ll discover Jesus as the Anointed One–the ultimate priest, prophet, and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Using biblical insights and engaging stories, Bishop Barron affirms that we see Jesus most clearly through the lens of the Old Testament.

Through this deeply biblical program, you will better understand Jesus, become more familiar with Scripture, and realize your own priestly, prophetic, and kingly mission, received when you are baptized “into Christ.”


Welcome! We would love to have you join us on Wednesdays as we open the Word of God and encounter Jesus through each other, small groups, and study of The Bible and the Sacrametnts.

Applying the Scriptures to our everyday life can be a daunting task, but it is much easier when you aren't doing it alone.  At bible study, you will have the opportunity to build lasting friendships in Christ through praying and sharing the Word of God together.  We hope to see you there!





In addition to our weekly meetings, we have a vibrant community of small in-home-groups that meet throughout the year.  These small groups grow together in Catholic Christian Community with a special focus on varying devotions.


  • Lectio Eucharist
  • Mystery of God
  • Consoling the Heart of Jesus
  • Decision Point
  • St. Teresa of Avila-Interior Castle

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