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A Lector is a Lay Minister who Proclaims the Readings, (other than the Gospel) at Mass.  After an initial training, to be an effective lector requires adequate preparation before Mass which includes study, prayer, and practice.  If you are interested in becoming a Lector at a weekend or weekday Mass, please contact Mr. Zala Forizs through the parish office.

Weekend Lector and EMHC Schedule

Ministry roles for return to Sunday Masses


A lector has an important responsibility to convey the Word of God, clear and concise, allowing people to focus on the Scripture being proclaimed rather than the quality of how it is proclaimed. 

For information about Parish Lectors please contact Mr. Zala Forizs through the parish office at 727-599-4311or info@st-raphaels.com

Daily Reading

Liturgical Calendar


How do I become a Lector?

To be a Lector at Mass requires both a practical and faith sharing methodology. Contact Zala who will coordinate training sessions before scheduling the Mass.

How do I know when I am reading

There is an annual schedule











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