Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Body and Blood of Christ

Our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are those people who have volunteered for the wonderful privilege of distributing Holy Communion to their fellow parishioners during the celebration of Holy Mass.   Ministers receive training for both the theological and practical aspect of sharing the CommunionBody and Blood of Christ. Ministers serve about every other week, are expected to dress appropriately, arrive before Mass begins.  They are expected to find a replacement if they cannot fulfill their schedule.


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Weekend EMHC & Lector Schedule

Ministry roles during COVID19 virus return to Sunday Masses


For more information about Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion please contact  Maryann Miller 727-550-0852 mews99@hotmail.com 

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Living Eucharist

Gathered, Nourished, Sent; Bishop Lynch's 2007 Pastoral Letter on the Eucharist

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