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Parish Photo Gallery


Welcome to the Parish Photo Gallery, courtesy of Jane Winstead.  


Christmas 2020 11pm


Pet Blessing 2020

Msgr Caverly Hall Blessing

Msgr Caverly Hall Blessing-Mass

Profession of Faith-Welcome into the Church

RCIA- Welcome into the Church

Fr. Curtis & Fr. Lou 1st Mass

1st Communion 2020 9:30am
Part 1

1st Communion 2020 9:30am Part 2

1st Communion 2020 9:30am Part 3

1st Communion 2020 11:30am Part 1

1st Communion 2020 11:30am Part 2

1st Communion 2020 11:30am Part 3

Confirmation Part 1

Confirmation Part 2

Confirmation Part 3

Festival 2019- Friday

Festival 2019-Saturday

Festival 2019-Sunday

Parish Picnic-2019

KOC Italian Knight 2019


Fish Fry 3/22/19

Fish Fry 4/5/19

Supper of the Lord 2019 Veneration of the Cross 2019

Living Stations 2019

Easter Vigil Mass 2019 Easter Sunrise Mass 2019  
First Communion Part 1 2019 First Communion Part 2 2019  

Msgr. Caverly Funeral

Remembering Msgr. Caverly

Msgr. Caverly's Reception 4-19-15

Msgr. Caverly's Golden Jubilee 

Msgr. Caverly Reception 5-23-10

Msgr. Caverly's Mass 5-23-10

Msgr. Caverly's Retirement Party




By attending a parish event, it is possible that you may be photographed or filmed.  These photos may be shared in our parish bulletin or website.

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