K-8 Faith Formation Program

Empowering Parents to Pass on the Faith

Parents are the primary influence in their child's belief in God.  The role of the parish is to support parents in passing on the catholic faith to their children through parent resources and programs of learning for adults and children.

Welcome! St. Raphael Parish faith formation offers two options for students, not in catholic school, to come to know God and learn formally about the catholic faith to which they belong. 

For children in Grade K-5, we hold in-person classes Sunday mornings, 10:45am-Noon in the school building.  Students are taught the Christ In Us curriculum by parishioners just like you.  It is our volunteer base that enriches the child's learning experience.  We hope you will consider becoming part of the catechist team.  

An At-Home version, which parallels the Sunday in-person classes, is offered to parents who which to formally teach their children from home.

Students in middle school have the option of participating in a monthly in-person Thursday evening class, 6:30pm-8:00pm in Caverly Hall or a weekly At-Home session led by their parents. 

Kindergarten through 5th grade

OPTION ONE- Sunday Classroom Sessions

OPTION TWO- At Home Sessions

  • Sundays 10:45am to 12pm
  • 27 Sundays from September through the end of April.
  • Schedules work around holidays and parish wide events.
  • The program selected will be approved through USCCB Catechetical guidelines with online support options.
  • Parents will be given access to online parent teaching materials.
  • Students will receive a textbook and online resources.
  • Studnets will be required to complete exercises for each lesson.
  • The Parent offering the at home instructions will be required to attend 3 meetings each year (Sept-Advent-Lent) for review and discussion.


6th through 8th grade

OPTION ONE: Monthly Family Sessions

OPTION TWO: At Home Sessions

  • Students and parent(s) will be requried to attend a session held on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm from September to April.
  • Parents and students will be separated into two groups and each will have a class presentation and discussion on a topic determined by the Faith Leadership Team of the Parish.
  • Presenters to both the parents and students will be faith leaders from our parish or Diocese.
  • Take home material and some homework will be provided for the next monthly session.
  • Parents may choose the available Teach at Home Program.
  • Parents will be given access to a specific on-line program for weekly discussion with their children.
  • Students will be required to complete an on-line question series each week that will be reviewed through our Faith Formation Program.
  • The Parent offering the at home instructions will be required to attend 3 meetings each year (Sept-Advent-Lent) for review and discussion.

** The Diocese of St. Petersburg requires those receiving Sacraments have at least one full year of Faith Formation immediately preceding the school year when a sacrament is prepared for. 


For information about our K-8 Faith Formation contact Lynn Edmonds 727-821-7989 or ledmonds@st-raphaels.com

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