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Family @ Home

 SJA Table Talk  is a website with fun content to help you prepare for Mass as a family and to encourage faith-based conversations at the dinner table. The goal is to get our families into a rhythm of 2 quality meals per week and 10 minutes of preparation for Mass.




Table Talk @ Home is a program that encourages families to prepare for Mass together and to have enriching, faith-based discussions at the family dinner table.

It includes online content to help stimulate informed discussions at home to strengthen a family’s faith and openness.  The content is meant to be fresh, fun and approachable - and will be updated weekly.  Think of this website as your 'Sous Chef' for your family discussions over dinner.


Getting started is easy.   Consider following the 3-Steps below.  At the end of which you will have established your own rhythm for having more enriching discussions over dinner and preparing for Mass with your family.

Note that each week, the home page of this Table Talk @ Home website will be updated with suggested content and discussion points for the coming week.

Step 1 – Get fired up about the 'Magnificence of the Mass'

Resource – Go to  , Click on 'The Mass' tab at the top of the website page.  The first video segment is a 3 minute introduction to the True Magnificence of the Mass family video.

Step 2 – Simple Changes

  • Discuss with your spouse or family what are simple adjustments you can make to better prepare for Sunday Mass.  Examples include:
    • Get to Mass 10 minutes earlier
    • Listen to Christian music on the way to Mass
    • Eat breakfast as a family before you go to Mass (or make it a tradition to go to Sunday brunch after Mass)
  • Watch Chapter Five – “Prepare for Sunday” from the True Magnificence of the Mass

Resource - Click on 'The Mass' tab at the top of the website, scroll to the last video at the bottom of the page

 Step 3 – Commit to two 'Table Talk' Meals each Week

Weekly Table Talk @ Home plan:

  • Saintly Recipes - plan your two dinners around a particular Saint of the week
  • Meal #1:  Read or listen to the upcoming Sunday readings as a family.  Discuss over dinner.
  • Meal #2:  Determine a Special Discussion Topic (movie, political topic, etc)

Resource - a suggested game plan for the week (or Table Talk Guide) will be included on the home page, as well as the top link in the Right column.

Resource - The Readings as well as reflections in podcast and video formats can be found in the weekly 'Table Talk Guide' as well as in the Resouce Links tab at the top of the website.

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