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Last week Fr. Kevin and I attended the Annual Priest’s Convocation for the Diocese.  It is an opportunity for us to gather with our fellow priests, to learn, pray together, relax a bit, and “catch up” with each other.  This year we continued with another theme connected to Courageously Living the Gospel.  Thank you for your prayers and patience. 

Don’t miss it!  Next week, on Sunday, October 20th, is the Parish Picnic, following the 11:30am Mass.  People are planning and preparing the event, with the support of the CCW and the KOC.  We are looking forward to a fun afternoon of eating, relaxing, kids running and playing, and parish families simply getting together.  I want to thank all those involved and working to make this a reality. 

Last week you may have noticed that we began another publication of a four-part article series titled “What is Proper Church Etiquette?”  This article was first published four years ago, and we decided to run it again.  There are issues within this article that come up regularly at our Liturgy Committee meetings, through phone calls, or Narthex conversations following Mass.  I encourage you to read it as it reflects on many aspects of appropriate behavior in Church and how we best approach the idea of a friendly-social parish family with an awareness of the sacred space we gather in at worship. 

Finally, we have put the final touches on our annual letter and financial report to the parish and we anticipate it being mailed out within the next few days.  I encourage you to read it, and if you have any questions feel free to contact Deacon Jim in the Parish Office.  We all know that when situations are financially sound things seem to run a bit smoother.  I thank all of you for your continued financial and ministerial support.  That is a necessary part of what makes St. Raphael such a vibrant place.

Your friend in Christ,

Fr. Timothy H. Sherwood



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