Weekend Mass will return to St. Raphael Church beginning June 6th, with Mass on Saturdays at 4:30pm, and Sundays at 8am, 9:30am, and 11:30am. Click here for more information.
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Fr. Tim's Pastor's Pen

This is the first weekend since mid March that we are back attending Sunday Mass, plus we get an actual printed bulletin.  As we all know, the Covid19 issues are far from over and we have learned new habits in our daily lives, but with good practices and precautions we can slowly move back into social settings.  We do not know how much we miss something until it is gone.  I cannot tell you the number of comments I have heard about not being able to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist!  All I ask is that we follow good social distancing protocol as we return. 

Speaking of the Eucharist, we celebrated on Saturday two Masses with our children who received their First Holy Communion.  Thirty-five children participated with families.  It was a little different for St. Raphael to have a Mass requiring tickets to attend but it worked.  Some of our families opted to have their children receive later in the year when things may be safer.  What a great gift for me personally as one of my last official acts as pastor of St. Raphael. 

Finally, next weekend will be my last weekend here at St. Raphael before I move to my new parish assignment.  I will miss everyone and the many activities that go on here.  There is a special spirit among the people of St. Raphael, and it was a privilege to serve you for 10 years.  Unfortunately, with the coronavirus and social distancing constraints, we will not have any social opportunities to gather as a group to personally say goodbye.  However, I plan to come back at some point to see the building renovations and the new Msgr. Caverly Hall when it is completed.  Perhaps then we can say our goodbyes in a more socially acceptable environment.  But for now, please remember me in your prayers as I will always keep you in mine.        

Your friend in Christ,

Fr. Timothy H. Sherwood

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