An annulment is not a Catholic Divorce, it is a time of healing and reflection on a disolved marriage.  The decision to learn about or even begin the process of an annulment (declarition of nullity) can be both an emotional and healing time.  Looking into an annulment commonly comes when someone who is divorced is seeking to enter marriage in the Catholic Faith.  The process will normally takes several months.  Because every case is different they require individual handling.  All annulments are coordinated through the Tribunal Office of the Diocese of St. Petersburg coordinated through the local parish. To find our more please contact a parish priest or deacon for an appointment.  

Some common questions that may be asked -

  • On what grounds does the church declare nullity for some failed marriages?
  • Why does a non Catholic need to obtain an annulment to be married in the Catholic Church?
  • Who else besides the  couple will be questioned during the process?
  • Does an annulment make the children illegitimate?
  • What does "Lack of Form" mean and does that apply to me?
  • Is there a cost to obtain an annulment?
  • What good can come of an annulment?

Please contact your parish priest or deacon to learn about the annulment process or to begin the process.  You may leave a message at the parish office via email at or calling 727-821-7989.


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