CCW Goals & Rules

CCW Goals

Sketch by Janey Claire Winstead, member of St. Raphael's CCWTo promote the spiritual enrichment of the women of St. Raphael parish and school.


To cooperate with the Diocesan and District Councils of Catholic Women in carrying out the works entrusted to them by the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg.


To support the pastor in fulfilling the needs of St. Raphael Parish and School.


Standing Rules

  1. Dues are $15 per year, payable in June. The fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. Life Membership is $200 one time dues.
  2. Membership dues envelopes will be included with regular Sunday church collection envelopes during the month of May.
  3. There will be a Mass at  8:00 AM of the first Saturday of every month for the intentions of the living and deceased members of St Raphael’s CCW. The members are encouraged to attend Mass before the monthly meetings.
  4. Meetings will be held after the 8 AM Mass during the months of September – May.
  5. Mass will be offered for deceased members and their immediate family (husband, parents & children) at St. Raphael’s Church. A Mass card will be sent to the family.
  6. An Honor Guard will be provided at the funeral Mass said at St Raphael’s Church for any CCW member or immediate family (see above). CCW members will be notified to attend funeral Masses for members.
  7. A Mass Card or Spiritual Bouquet will be sent to members in the event of serious illness.
  8. Conventions: CCW will pay for 1 room, single or to be shared, by President, VP or designated alternative.
  9. A membership book will be printed and distributed to each member with each incoming President.
  10. The President shall name all Commission Chairmen.
  11. Christmas Brunch: A gift of $100 to each Parish priest will be presented during the Brunch. The Shore Acres Nursing home will be the designated recipient of Christmas gifts, donated at the Christmas Brunch. They will be delivered to the Nursing Home staff for distribution.
  12. The CCW will donate to the St. Raphael School Scholarship fund every fall from proceeds from the previous fiscal year. Suggested donation $1000-$5000.
  13. The CCW will donate $100 to 3-5 various charities as designated by the members chosen by lot at one of the Fall meetings.  As per bylaws, any amount dispersed over $100 needs to have Board approval.
  14. CCW pays dues to the National (Flat $100) and Diocesan level ($1 per active paying members) oganizations in Jan or Feb.

Major Gifts to St Raphael School & Parish

2018    $5000 St Raphael School Tuition Grant
            $5000 Church Electronic Door repairs

2017    $5000 St Raphael School Tuition Grant

2016    $5000 St Raphael School Tuition Grant
            $6000 Lower Lever Rectory Windows

2015    $5000 Upper Level Rectory Windows
            $5000 St Raphael School Tuition Grant
            $5000 Annual Pastoral Appeal
2014    $5000 Handicap Entrance to Parish Center & Room B
            $1000 Youth Ministry
            $5000 St Raphael School Tuition Grant


Sketch above by Janey Claire Winstead, member of St. Raphael's CCW

Revised Aug 28, 2018


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How do I join CCW?

It is easy to join St. Raphael's Council of Catholic Women. Simply drop an envelope marked CCW in the weekend collection. We need your name, address, phone, email address, birth day and birth month and a check for $15 payable to St. Raphael CCW.

What does membership do for me?

Membership gets you to be part of a great group of women whose job it is to serve God in our family, parish, community and world. We have a Mass intention said for our members monthly. You do what you can, when you can and this way, with over 280 members, we get a lot done for St. Raphael's.

Who are CCW members?

Women of all ages, professions, interests and talents are welcome and urged to join.

When does CCW meet?

We meet the first Saturday of each month after the 8:00 a.m. Mass. Rosary is at 7:40 a.m. 8:30 we share a Continental Breakfast followed by our CCW Meeting

Where can I read CCW newsletters?

Usually CCW newsletters are published each month CCW meets. We are always looking for more news to share with our members.
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What is the Handmaiden of the Lord?

The Handmaiden of the Lord Award was established in July 1985 by Our Lady, Star of the Sea District Deanery formerly known as Lower Pinellas Deanery of the St. Petersburg Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) to give each of their Affiliations, with the approval of the Pastor, the opportunity to honor a member who demonstrates by life and action some of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. The award is presented at by Our Lady, Star of the Sea District Deanery Spring Conference Meeting
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