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     I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Mr. John Morris, the General Manager of Spirit FM radio (90.5), the radio station of the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  John has done a wonderful job of keeping the station current with today’s youth while being true to the Catholic Faith.  Our APA funds have helped in part to support Spirit FM and their mission over the last 30 years.  It is a wonderful station with a mix of prayer, Christian music, and faith based discussions.  We happen to have a direct link on our website.  John will be speaking at three Masses this weekend and two Masses next weekend.  He will help us understand how your support to APA helps keep the radio station on air in the Tampa Bay area.  Please welcome him with your usual hospitality and tune on 90.5 sometime if you haven’t already.  

     During Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 29-Feb. 4) at our Thursday morning school Mass, the teachers and students presented to me a framed certificate stating that an extra bright star was officially named for St. Raphael parish and registered in the Star Name Registry. The name of the star is now officially known as “Sancte Raphael de Lumine” (that’s Latin for Light of St. Raphael). You can find the actual star in the Corvus Constellation in the Southern Celestial Hemisphere. The easiest way to locate it is to go online and visit and put in the reference number 6391936. Once the input information is downloaded you will be able to see the star and its details, like reference number, star name, constellation, co-ordinates, magnitude, registration date, and Google Sky link. It’s exciting to know that a star is named for St. Raphael.

     Writing this column each week, I continue to be humbled and appreciative by so many activities that happen here at St. Raphael.  The School, Youth Group, Faith Formation, Bible Study, Faith Circles, Mustard Seed, CCW and K of C, Pre-Cana Team, SVdeP Society, Hospital and Homebound Visitations, and so many other ministerial groups in our parish that continue to grow in service to the Lord by serving our sisters and brothers, especially those most in need.  I am truly thankful for your ministry and example in our midst.  It makes my own ministry as a priest that much more fulfilling and satisfying. God bless you! 

Your friend in Christ,

Fr. Timothy H. Sherwood

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