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     Yes, as you can see, the painting has begun.  We do not have a time table, but we do have a building plan set in place.  We intend to cause as little disruption as possible with the schedule, but that can sometimes be a challenge.  We will have a better feel for a time table after the first couple of buildings are done.  You may recall back in October when we gathered bids from five separate companies.  Munyan Painting and Restoration was selected as the vendor after much consultation with our building engineer and finance committee.  They will do a good job sprucing things up on campus.  Along with the representatives from Sherwin Williams, they have been very cooperative and responsive to our requests.  I had no idea that waterproofing and painting was so involved, but it will do much for the lasting appearance and durability of the parish facilities. 

     The air conditioning system in the Parish Hall building (old church) was replaced this past week.  It will work similarly to the church with temperatures based on the volume of people.  The building is used in three basic segments (band room, hall, youth room).  Working the measurements out took some engineering but the installers managed to do it.  This system has done a lot to extend the life of the church equipment as well as reduce our electric consumption.  The AC in the Parish Center will also eventually be replaced.  Our next major work will be to repair one of the flat roofs on the church and then repair the interior damage caused by the leaks.  

     This past week the middle school youth attended Hidden Lake Life Teen Camp with Kaitlin and other chaperones from our Youth Ministry program.  The camp does a great job with combining fun, exercise, faith discussions, and liturgy to provide an enriching experience for our 36 boys and girls.  I especially want to thank the adult chaperones who usually take a week of vacation to be with our young people. 

Your friend in Christ,

Fr. Timothy H. Sherwood

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